Month: March 2019

  • Not Art, But Not Bad

    There are a lot of things you can say about 2009 MLS Champion Real Salt Lake and their improbable – impossible? – run to the Cup. But one thing nobody […]

  • My sure-to-be-wrong 2010 predictions

    With 2009 almost over and a new decade on the horizon, here’s my predictions for football in 2010. Premier League Champions: Man United /[/img]>/[/img]> Champions League Qualifiers: Man United, Chelsea, […]

  • Blatter: "Quick, Somebody Find Me a Trophy"

    You know how FIFA does their level best to make the World Cup draw, which is essentially nothing more than drawing some names out of bowls, into a television extravaganza? […]

  • A World Cup Wish List

    I did not get a chance to see the draw live because I was on my way up to the DFW metroplex to get ready for our Big XII Championship […]

  • Mexico's Goofy Group System Always Leaves Deserving Teams Out of the Liguilla

    With only 3 weeks left in the Mexican Apertura regular season, we can be certain of one thing: we still have no idea who is going to make the liguilla. […]

  • 150 days to go.

    I love the World Cup. I take vacation during the first week. I watched Tunisia v. Saudi Arabia (and was very entertained). And we don’t have that much more to […]

  • Costa Rica 2, US 9

    I don't want Prairie's banner of Charlie Davies off the top yet, so here it is again. You can't separate out the emotional aspects of this week, because the emotions […]

  • Show Don the Money

    Courtesy of Tripp Mickle of SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL (Motto: "Sign Up for a Free Subscription, Then We'll Bill You for $400, Then You'll Decide You don't Really Care That Much […]

  • While We're All Waiting for New York

    You'll recall that there was a small kerfuffle a few weeks back when speculation was rife that Guillermo Barros-Schelotto wouldn't be coming back to the Crew because they were shamelessly […]

  • American Idol first round auditions

    Not called in I've taken a good, long look at the roster Bob has called in for Camp Fun, and I feel really good about them. This is a team […]