WWE SmackDown Results (5/8): Money in the Bank Qualifiers Continue, Cesaro vs Woods & More

WWE Smackdown Results
May 8th, 2018
Baltimore, Maryland
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com.

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WWE SmackDown Live general manager, Paige kicks off the show tonight to a great ovation. Paige says we got to see the first co-branded PPV and claims it was a smashing success, where we saw the first singles victory from the returning Daniel Bryan. Paige says she needs to talk about the WWE Championship situation, she claims their match was on its way to becoming an instant classic and Paige claims she didn’t foresee this, and that we will hear from both men tonight.

Paige moves on to Money In The Bank, running through the fact we get a ladder match for both the men and the women. Paige claims she needs the best that SmackDown Live has to offer. Paige wants to find out who the very best is, starting out right now.


The WWE commentary team show a clip from the Money In The Bank 2010 where The Miz was victorious, showing the clip of him cashing in to become WWE Champion against Randy Orton before the match begins. This is the first time the pair have ever gone one on one on SmackDown Live and the United States Champion gets the upper hand early, knocking Miz down to the ground.

Hardy attempts an early pin, but Miz easily kicks out. Hardy takes things to the extreme on the outside, running and leaping off the stairs to take out Miz into the barricade. Hardy then looked to end things early with a Swanton Bomb, But Miz smartly rolled to the other side of the ring. Back from the commercial and Miz rocks Hardy with several punches and a knee to the chin, before dropping him with a kick to the skull, but his pinfall attempt is easily kicked out from.

The Miz then hits a neck breaker which forces a kick out at two from Hardy as the former Intercontinental Champion slows down the pace. Miz then looks for the Skull Crushing Finale but avoids the move and the pair wind up outside with Miz planting Hardy crotch first onto the barricade. Hardy hits a headbutt to his opponent before he goes flying off the barricade to take out Miz on the outside as the referee begins a 10 count. Both men return at the count of eight and we get some classic offense from Jeff Hardy, as he begins to take control once again.

Hardy attempts the Twist Of Fate but Miz smartly reversed the move, attempting his own finisher but Hardy reversed again to hit the Twist Of Fate! The United States Champion heads to the top rope but once again, Miz rolls away from danger. Miz plays possum well and drops Jeff through the ropes, head first onto the ring apron. Hardy smartly avoids the choke hold sending Miz head first into the turnbuckle before hitting a Whisper in the Wind and coming close to getting the win, but Miz kicks out just in time.

Hardy then drops a baseball slide to knock Miz out to the floor as he gives high fives to those fans sitting at ringside. Hardy then throws Miz back into the ring and once again looks to hit his finisher, but Miz stops him in his tracks and joins Hardy on the top rope. Hardy reverses with an incredible sunset flip from the top rope, but yet again Miz kicks out in time! Both men are really bringing their ‘A’ game here to kick-off SmackDown.

Jeff then looked for Hardiac arrest but it was well scouted but his second attempt works. Hardy then hits a second Twist Of Fate and once again heads to the top rope, this time he hits the Swanton Bomb! 1…2.., NO, a reversal from The Miz who rolls up Hardy to get a surprise win and qualifies for the Money in the Bank after an excellent match.

Winner and Qualifies for Money in the Bank: The Miz

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