WWE SmackDown Results (2/21): Goldberg Returns, #1 Contender’s Match, Hall Of Fame Announcement

February 21, 2020


Prior to the match beginning, The Usos say they couldn’t be here last week, but it was hard for them to be missed due to John Morrison and The Miz running their mouths about them. But tonight, they’re here, and they have a superkick party and everyone is invited.

The New Day then make their way down as The Usos say they hope that they’ve kept their titles warm for them. New Day then put over The Usos as future Hall Of Famers and six-time Tag Team Champions, which Big E points out is one less than them, which makes them better.

Jey Uso says when they’ve handled Miz and Morrison then they can have one more match, but their little argument is broken up by The Miz and John Morrison. Miz says they’re missing a catchy chant, like their opponents, and they come up with a chant.

Morrison says in life, there are winners and there are losers, stating that the person they’re teaming with had a winning Valentines Day. The four heels then surround the ring, but the babyfaces try to start things off, only for them all to jump off the ring apron.

The @WWEUsos team up with @WWEBigE & @TrueKofi to battle @mikethemiz, @TheRealMorrison, @HEELZiggler & @RealRobertRoode in 8-Man tag action NEXT on #SmackDown! pic.twitter.com/Q6MEkahA4u

— WWE (@WWE) February 22, 2020

The match finally gets underway during the commercial and as we return the babyfaces are in control with many of them hitting splashes on Dolph Ziggler in the corner. The Usos then pay homage to their father in the corner and Kofi joins in with a low dropkick.

However as the fan favorites get in control, John Morrison takes advantage of a distraction and dumps Kofi out of the ring, with The Miz following up with a big boot on the outside. The number one contenders then isolate Kofi really well, with John diving in while The Miz holds Kofi up with his legs.

.@TheRealMorrison & @mikethemiz have @TrueKofi all bent out of shape on #SmackDown. pic.twitter.com/R3CJOS1eJe

— WWE (@WWE) February 22, 2020

Robert Roode then joins the match for the first time and continues the assault of the former WWE Champion. Kofi tries to fight out but yet again the referee gets distracted, allowing Roode to poke Kingston in the eye as the heels continue to take advantage of different situations.

Morrison then takes Kofi to the top rope, but Kofi fights out, knocking Morrison away only for his teammates to help him out, allowing Morrison to return with a big kick to the head, knocking Kingston to the outside.

After another commercial, the heels remain in firm control as Ziggler and Roode knock The Usos off the apron and try attack Kofi. However, Kingston catches Roode with a big boot and Big E gets the hot tag. He begins launching The Miz around the ring with some belly to back suplexes and knocks off Morrison for good measure.

Big E connects with the Big Splash and he then goes for the Big Ending, but Miz moves away and gets a tag. Morrison catches Big E with a knee, yet the New Day member responds by planting Morrison to the mat.

John Morrison keeps battling through and connects with the standing shooting star, only for Kingston to break it up. He gets caught by Morrison flying into the ring and both teams make tags. Jey Uso and Robert Roode exchange roll-ups but eventually Roode and Ziggler hit the Spinebuster/Zig-Zag combo but Jimmy breaks it up.

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He ends up eating a Glorious DDT for his troubles, but he can’t connect with one on Jey, and he instead gets his with a Superkick which ends the match.

Winners: The Usos & The New Day

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