WWE Smackdown July 9 TV results & recap: Seth Rollins vs. Ryback, Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

By Steve Khan, WrestlingObserver.com

– Air Date: July 9, 2015 (July 8 in Canada)

– Location: Bradley Center in Milwaukee, WI

The Big News:

Dean Ambrose had a difficult time with Bo Dallas, Roman Reigns got outsmarted again by Bray Wyatt, and Seth Rollins couldn’t beat Ryback.

Show Recap:

Seth Rollins, who else, came out to start the show without his security. Rollins called himself more of a man than anyone in the crowd, which is technically true of roughly half the crowd. Rollins said he called out Brock Lesnar to face him man-to-man but Lesnar is a coward who took out his frustrations on his new Cadillac CTS, while also snapping Jamie Noble’s arm and suplexing Joey Mercury through the windshield.

Rollins said the $56,000 is pocket change to him, but the car was gift was for his family and Lesnar messed with his family. As Rollins went on about slaying the beast, a rollback tow truck backed in with the destroyed Cadillac and Tom Phillips fake-laughed.

Paul Heyman came out and said Rollins would be alone at Battleground, insinuated that J&J won’t be there. Heyman said the damage to the car pales in comparison to what Lesnar would do to Rollins for violating the 11th commandment and Lesnar would drag him down to the pits of Suplex City.

Rollins said he would be the one to leave Lesnar looking like the car, leaving Heyman all alone with no client. Rollins repeated all of his accomplishments and Heyman said Lesnar would be standing tall with the title.

Before Heyman could finish yelling Brock Lesnar’s name, Rollins told him to shut up and announced that he would be leaving as champion. (It doesn’t matter, but if you listen closely, you can tell Seth had to redub a few words at the end of his promo.)

They announced Rollins vs. Ryback and Roman Reigns vs. Big Show for tonight.

Dean Ambrose beat Bo Dallas via pinfall

Bo cut a dumb promo before the match, taking credit for The Rock’s success and saying Ambrose needed to shower. Bo tossed Ambrose shoulder first into the ring post four times and then into the barricade. Bo hit a suplex and applied a headlock, which went all the way through a commercial break.

Ambrose fought out and popped up like a movie monster, stopping Bo in his tracks. That was funny. Ambrose hit a suicide dive, tossed Bo back in the ring and went to the top, but Bo ran up the middle rope and suplexed Ambrose, followed by a downward spiral for a two count. Ambrose came back with a bulldog and Dirty Deeds for the win. Bo got way too much offense and I have no idea why they did this match again.

Backstage, Show asked Rollins if he was overwhelmed. Rollins said no, but would appreciate any help in taking down Lesnar. Show said this was Rollins’ mission and asked if he could handle Ryback tonight. Rollins said he would make an example of Ryback because brains always beats brawn. Show told Rollins he had the right attitude and would take out Reigns tonight.

They recapped the Rusev-Ziggler segment from Raw. Phillips said Ziggler suffered a severely bruised trachea.

Rusev (w/Summer Rae) beat Fandango via submission

Rusev is now wearing boots, which the commentators acknowledged. Fandango tried flirting with Summer. And by flirting I mean thrusting in her direction. Fandango got some offense but Rusev won after a superkick and Accolade.

Rusev wouldn’t break the hold after the match and Summer didn’t stop him. He eventually did stop and posed with Summer. Quick win but he took too many bumps considering his opponent. Rusev did appear to be moving around fine.

Roman Reigns beat Big Show via DQ

Show wore a sleeveless compression shirt under his singlet for some reason. The match essentially started with the finishing sequence. Reigns sized up Show for the superman punch and Bray Wyatt’s music hit. Someone started down the aisle but Reigns knew it wasn’t Wyatt.

Wyatt appeared from behind and Reigns turned around and hit him with a superman punch. The lights came back on and Reigns hit Show with two superman punches and got ready for the spear, but Wyatt crotched him on the steel post for a DQ. Show immediately hit a chokeslam and Wyatt followed with a Sister Abigail. Wyatt posed and got decent heat.

Both heels basically no-sold the superman punch and Reigns was again thwarted easily. Also, Jimmy Uso—who spoke about how well he knew Reigns during this match—just sat there and watched.

Titus O’Neil (w/Darren Young) beat Big E (w/Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) via pinfall

With both men down, Kingston and Woods jumped on the apron so the referee tossed them. O’Neil hit his sitout spinebuster for the win.

Randy Orton came out for a promo. Orton said he’s been in WWE for 13 and has made plenty of enemies but nobody has gotten under his skin more than Sheamus. Oh, really? He asked the Milwaukee crowd if they thought Sheamus was entertaining and they booed. Orton said he would try to make Sheamus entertaining by ripping off his stupid mohawk and shoving it up his white arse.

Orton was about to leave, but The Ascension came out, angry at him for taking away from their match time. They told Orton to leave but he didn’t. Orton gave Konnor an RKO and Viktor an elevated DDT. Orton finished off Viktor with an RKO and Phillips yelled “RKO outta nowhere!” even though he was standing right in front of the guy. This segment was fine.

They recapped the Cena-Cesaro match from Raw.

Alicia Fox & Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) beat Tamina & Naomi via pinfall

Naomi and Tamina worked over Brie who eventually tagged in Fox for the quietest hot tag ever. Tamina blind tagged in but Nikki distracted the referee, Brie attacked Tamina from behind and Fox finished her with an ugly scissors kick. Tamina actually kicked out right after the three count, probably because Fox doesn’t know how to cover her opponent. This sucked.

Backstage, Ryback told a male interviewer that Rollins is a pathetic, gutless child, and that champions don’t run and hide. He said Rollins couldn’t run tonight and Ryback would show him what it’s like to be a real champion. This was… pretty good.

They announced Brock Lesnar would be on Raw this Monday.

Non-Title: IC Champion Ryback beat WWE Champion Seth Rollins via countout

Jerry Lawler reiterated that Rollins is the champion so the money lost on the car is no big deal to him. I’m glad they mentioned this again. Ryback did a delayed vertical suplex which Phillips said went close to a minute. It was actually 28 seconds. Uso said his nose bled the last time he took this move.

After a break, Rollins knocked Ryback out of the ring with a superkick, hit a suicide dive and launched him into the barricade. Rollins tossed Ryback in the ring before mimicking Lesnar by leaping onto the apron.

Ryback came back with a shoulder block, back body drop, running powerslam and spinebuster. Ryback countered a superkick into a powerbomb and followed with a meat hook clothesline. Rollins slipped out of a shellshock and hit an enziguri. Rollins grabbed his belt and began leaving but Ryback went after him.

Rollins again slipped out of a shellshock and sprinted through the crowd. Ryback won via countout as Rollins posed on the stage with the WWE title.

Big Show came out and went after Ryback with Rollins. They beat on him briefly until Reigns came out for the save. Reigns nailed Show with a spear and Ryback finally caught Rollins with a shellshock. Ryback’s music played as he and Reigns posed to end the show.

Final Thoughts:

This show sucked. No good wrestling and the two advertised main events ended in a DQ and countout. Also, Tom Phillips is awful.