WWE Raw Results (4/2): Lesnar & Reigns Trade Shots, Stephanie Strikes, Did Undertaker Finally Answer Cena?

WWE RAW Results
April 2nd, 2018
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


We are welcomed to Raw by Johnathan Coachman in the middle of the ring to talk about the tag team match between Stephanie McMahon & Triple H vs. Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey. There are two tables and what looks like a contract in the middle of the ring, and Triple H & Stephanie are all smiles as they make their way to the ring. Rousey and Angle make their way to the ring and take their spots at their table. Coach says that he is going to read questions submitted by the WWE Universe. Before he does, Triple H interrupts Coach and talks about the fans cheering Ronda. He says that everyone wants to like her, but those cheers will turn into silence because of Kurt Angle. He says out of the three I’s, he doesn’t have the intelligence. He says that he is going to ruin Ronda’s debut and is setting her up for failure and defeat and he wants to know why.

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Ronda interrupts and says that she wants to know why they signed her with ulterior motives. Stephanie responds by saying that Ronda is a huge star. The crowd cheers and chants for her, and in spite of her appalling attitude, they still brought her here. Stephanie says that both Kurt and now work for her and she asks Ronda who she thinks she is. Kurt says that she is Ronda freaking Rousey, a former UFC Champion, Olympic medalist. Triple H says that that means nothing. He says that Ronda has been dreaming about coming to WWE her whole life, but for Stephanie and Triple H, this is their lives. He says that it’s a foregone conclusion, they are going to lose.

Coach interrupts and asks the first question, which is asking how important it is for them to win Sunday at WrestleMania, and how it could change everything going forward?

Stephanie says that it’s not if, but when they win, everyone will know that they will learn to respect Authority.

The next question is asking Kurt how he feels getting to team with Ronda.

Kurt says that he can’t wait to see Ronda make Stephanie tap out.

The last question asks their final thoughts, which has Stephanie saying that Ronda’s first match in WWE is going to be a loss to her. Ronda asks if Stephanie is right handed or left handed. Stephanie says right handed, and Ronda says she was just curious so she knows which arm to rip off where Stephanie can still sign her checks.

Coach stops them there and asks them to get in the middle of the ring for a photo op, and both teams meet in the middle, but Triple H takes the opportunity to smash Kurt from behind with a mic. Ronda grabs Triple H by the neck but Stephanie grabs Ronda from behind and slams her through the table. Stephanie and Triple H pose as Ronda is hurt lying in the table.

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