WWE Portland, ME house show results 10-4: Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

Submitted by Kyle Poissonnier

Cesaro Defeated the Miz. – Match took a while to begin with the Miz jumping out of the ring for 5 minutes or so.  Miz took a few moves very awkwardly and didnt make Cesaro look all that good.  Cesaro eventually hit the neutralizer for the win.  

Fandango defeated Heath Slater.  Would have been a bathroom break if not for wanting to see Maine’s own Fandango.  Slater kept stalling to start, as soon as he jumped in the ring he tripped on the top rope and fandango pinned him, took a nice round of applause from the audience and left.  No match really.  

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Braun Strowman defeated Jack Swagger with his choke out submission.  Pretty good match they actually let Swagger get in some offense on Strowman who up until now has been booked as a superman.

Lucha Dragons defeated Ascension and Los Matadores in a triple threat tag match.  Fun match, lots of action.  Just nothing too great here.  

Natalya defeated Sasha Banks with the Sharp Shooter.  Portland loved both girls.  Great reactions. 

R – Truth defeated Adam Rose.  Rose actually got a lot of cheers for his new gimmick.  He was rather funny and challenged Truth to a dance contest that ended when truth kicked Rose for the victory.  

Dean Ambrose Defeated Luke Harper, Good lengthy match.  Ambrose looked great.  

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt in a NO DQ Match.  Good reaction for both men.  Funny at house shows how different the reaction is for reigns.  Strowman interrupted and then Ambrose came out for the save.  Match ended with Reigns putting Wyatt through a table with a power bomb and win. 

Overall, decent house show but the attendance is definitely something that couldn’t be ignored.