WWE Main Event TV Report 3-15-15: Nikki Bella vs. Naomi, Prime Time Players vs. Ascension, Erick Rowan vs. Curtis Axel

By Chris Aiken, for WrestlingObserver.com

WWE Main Event from Detroit featured creative giving divas a chance in the main event position. Granted, women have main evented on this show before and now the episodes do not even air on television in the U.S. or the WWE Network. Likewise, critics might also contend it is a “C” show. Still, a women’s match closed out this episode and it included a potential challenger pinning the divas champion in a non-title match. While divas were given a chance in the closing match, the Ascension tag team received the second loss in a row on Main Event airings as they continue their slide.  

Erick Rowan beat Curtis Axel

On Commentary, JBL and Tom Phillips talked about the upcoming Andre the Giant battle royal and the trophy sat stoically at ringside. In relation to battle royals, this Main Event opener played off the angle during the Rumble Royal where Rowan attacked Axel before he ever had a chance to enter the Rumble. Rowan dominated the match at the outset until Axel snapped him on the top rope and gained the advantage. Rowan made a comeback, hit a few splashes in a corner and gave Axel the full nelson slam for the pinfall.

Fandango (with Rosa Mendes) beat Adam Rose (with the Rosebuds)

The announcers continued to talk about the Andre battle royal while Fandango and Rose had a match. Fandango and was the babyface here by default. Eventually, Rose knocked Fandango off the apron and he sailed into the barricade. Rose proceeded to get heat on him with mixed results. After Rose went to retrieve his lollipop from the Rosebuds, he offered it to Fandango, who slapped it away and fired up on Rose including using ground and pound.

Fandango ran wild for a bit before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Rose rolled out of the way and went for a rollup with his feet on the middle ropes. The referee caught him in the act and admonished him. With Rose bickering with the ref, the distraction allowed Fandango use a rollup for the pin.

Prime Time Players beat The Ascension

Darren Young started the match with Viktor and the Ascension eventually trapped Darren in a corner. They began to pummel him. They made quick tags and puts the boots him as they generally mauled him. The crowd as quiet but they would eventually start clapping for Young as Ascension got heat on him. JBL buried the Ascension on commentary before conceding he did like their aggression.

Viktor missed a splash in a corner and Young slipped through the legs of Konnor to make a hot tag to Titus O’Neil. After running wild for a few moments, Titus sandwiched Ascension in a corner and splashed them. Young executed a Cactus Jack clothesline that sent himself and Viktor over the top rope and out to the floor. Titus delivered the Clash of Titus powerbomb for the pin.

Naomi beat Divas champion Nikki Bella in a non-title match

Following some early exchanges, Nikki began to work over Naomi in a corner and clotheslined her. Moments later in another corner, Naomi caught Nikki in a head scissors then she rubbed her booty in Nikki’s face followed by delivering a mule kick. Naomi bounced off the ropes and did a flying head scissors takeover. When Naomi began to dominate, Nikki bailed out of the ring to regroup and plot with her sister at ringside. The match went through a commercial break, which is unusual for a women’s match on Main Event. Nikki cut off Naomi only to get knocked down after a weak dropkick.

At ringside, the Bellas collided together and fell in a heap. Nevertheless, Nikki distracted the referee so Brie could kick Naomi in the leg. Naomi really sold the leg as Nikki began to work it over. Nikki continued to work the leg until Naomi fired up and caught Nikki with a kick. Naomi jumped off the middle rope and missed a splash. As Nikki went to pick Naomi up off the mat, Naomi cradled her and scored the pinfall out of the nowhere. 

A link to watch the show is here.

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