WWE Investigating Alleged Incident Involving Randy Orton

— A user on Reddit recently brought to light an old episode of the MLW Podcast where former WWE writer Court Bauer alleges that Randy Orton would engage in some very questionable and graphic incidents which some would classify as sexual harassment against new WWE writers.

“For every new writer that would show up, he come in the room put his hand down his pants, pull out his d***, touch himself, then say “I’m Randy Orton, shake my hand…oh you dont want to shake my hand? You’re big leaguing me? That’s f***** up man. Should I tell Vince and Steph you wont shake Randy Ortons hand?”

The writers would all start sweating and backing up into the corner, the guys d*** is still hanging out, and he would be there cutting a promo on a guy with his d*** hanging out for like five minutes. Court goes on to say Orton was very intense so you could never tell if he was f****** with you or he was really hot.

Court says he was lucky…Randy did it to him on the 1st day he was with the company at tv and just as he was about to pull his d*** out, Stephanie walked in, and that s*** went right back in his pants. Court describes it as a teacher entering the classroom.

When asked if he would have shaken his hand, Court says “I dont know. I’m a bit of a germaphobe.” Court says this was something Orton did during his [Court’s] entire time at the WWE, and he is surprised Orton didnt get hit with sexual harassment.

— The episode in question was from 2012 and after it was dug back up, someone asked Bauer about it again and he confirmed that everything he said in it was true.

— When WWE was asked for a statement on the allegations, they simply responded by saying that they are “looking into the matter.”