WWE Heat Report (12/23/07) Taped in Buffalo, New York

WWE Heat Report: 23rd December 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Ho, ho, ho. The holiday season is upon us. I hope you are all well and will join me for the last regular edition of Heat for 2007. Let’s hope it’s a good one. Three matches on cue and we start with……………

Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Super Crazy vs The Highlanders
Well this is a good start….not. Hacksaw pretends to shoot the Highlanders with his 2×4 as the scots make their way out. The faces work the crowd early on with Ho/Si/USA chants. Crazy reverses Robbie’s hammerlock so Robbie elbows free. The Highlanders take it in turns to ram Crazy’s head into the corner. Rory Irish whips, but Crazy floats over a charge. Crazy delivers an armthrow, leapfrog and armdrag to Rory who comes back with a wristlock. Crazy re-assumes control on the arm and Rory receives a double backelbow from Team Ho/Si. Hacksaw then works over the arm with several shots, a boot press and shoulder ram to the corner. Crazy Irish whips Rory who telegraphs a charge by sending Crazy out onto the apron. Crazy comes back in via an armdrag counter. Robbie gets met with a low dropkick for a nearfall. Crazy wrenches and kicks at Robbie’s arm before Hacksaw comes in to deliver forearms and three clotheslines. Robbie takes advantage of Hacksaw playing to the crowd to drive his head into his gut then choke him in the ropes. Behind the referee’s back Rory delivers a stunner onto the top rope from the apron. This only gets the Highlanders a nearfall but it looked like a good finishing sequence. Robbie applies an odd chinlock/arm tie up resthold. Hacksaw tugs at the hair so Robbie dishes out some shots to the back. Hacksaw fires up and starts to punch until Robbie cuts him off with a knee and head ram to the corner. Rory lands stomps and a kneedrop for a nearfall before working over Hacksaw in the corner with forearms. Hacksaw fights back again but Rory ties the referee up enabling Robbie to illegally choke Hacksaw. After another nearfall Rory applies a chinlock. Hacksaw slumps then starts to fade but he keeps his arm from dropping before fighting back with backelbows and punches. Hacksaw tries a headbutt but Rory doesn’t flinch and Hacksaw falls down. The commentators play this up as a Hacksaw mistake as Rory lands a falling headbutt for a nearfall. Hacksaw’s head gets sent to the corner again. Hacksaw tries to fight off both Highlanders but he gets picked off and worked over with several shots, a snapmare and kneedrop to the head for a nearfall. After Rory punishes Hacksaw’s back he drags him to the middle of the ring where Rory mocks Hacksaw’s thumbs up routine. Rory applies another chinlock which Hacksaw gets free from after backing Rory into the corner three times. Hacksaw manages to dodge a Rory elbow and make the tag. Crazy attacks Rory with a top rope cross body, springboard dropkick from the second rope and springboard lunge from the top rope. Crazy almost botches the latter two moves. Crazy delivers a standing moonsault but Robbie breaks up the cover at two. Hacksaw rushes in to club Robbie through the ropes before he grabs the referee by the collar and forcefully moves him across the ring. Instead of DQing the idiot the referee simply ushers him out as Crazy attempts to monkey flip Rory out of the corner. Robbie unconvincingly blocks the move by grabbing Rory from the outside, Crazy hits the mat and Rory covers for the 1-2-3. A weak finish to an absolute stinker of a match which contained lots of sloppy spots, a blatantly missed DQ spot and it also really dragged. I’d say this was the worst Heat match of the year. Here Are Your Winners: THE HIGHLANDERS. Post match, as the Highlanders think about inflicting more damage Hacksaw gets his 2×4 to stop them from getting back in.

Snitsky vs Mike Tolar
Snitsky returns to Heat following some time in the Raw spotlight. Mike Tolar has appeared on Heat before in a loss to Cryme Tyme. Snitsky boxes Tolar in, shoves him into the corner then drills him with a backelbow. Snitsky tosses Tolar away with an insane hiptoss which sees Tolar taking a bad bump. Snitsky delivers an Irish whip and corner clothesline as Coachman questions the wisdom of Tolar accepting this match. Snitsky lands a slam, swats Tolar’s face with his boot then drops an elbow as Grisham says Tolar is outweighed by 92Ibs. Snitsky applies a double underhook wrench with Tolar getting hoisted in the air then brought back down for some kneelifts. Snitsky pulls Tolar in for a big clothesline which turns him inside out. Snitsky finishes things with the pumphandle slam. This was fun to watch as it was short and Tolar made Snitsky look quite menacing. Here is Your Winner: SNITSKY. Post match, Grisham plays Snitsky up as a lethal weapon as Snitsky looks down at his handywork.

Charlie Haas vs D.H Smith
Main Event time. Generic music for Smith who is making his return to TV and at the same time his Heat debut. Welcome. Smith runs down to the ring. Haas now sports a singlet. Both men tussle to the mat then back up where Haas hits a waistlock into a front facelock. Smith immediately counters with a hammerlock/facelock combo. Smith manages to block Haas’ reversal attempts. Trapped in a waistlock, Haas rolls to the ropes to force a break. Smith uses the break in the action to pull down a kneepad and flex his leg a little. Smith reverses a waistlock into a wristlock then an armbar. Haas hooks the hair to take Smith to the ropes. Smith rolls through on an armdrag attempt keeping the armbar applied. Haas manges to get up, break free then land some punches to Smith’s gut. Smith reverses a head ram to the corner then stings Haas with two uppercuts. Haas reverses Smith off the ropes where Haas hits a knee to the gut. Haas works over Smith with stomps, a kick to the side, knee to the back and elbow to the chest. Haas gets Smith up to trap him in a waistlock. Smith starts to elbow free so Haas throws him down by the hair then drops an elbow for a nearfall. Haas wraps Smith up in a bodyscissors on the mat. Haas adds a chinlock and several clubs at Smith’s face during the hold. Smith gets up and falls back with Haas on his shoulders. Both get back up, Smith ducks a lunge and hits two clotheslines. Haas receives a backbodydrop off the ropes. Smith delivers a back suplex and just like that it’s over 1-2-3. This match should have got longer than 5 minutes. Still it was decent while it lasted. Smith should have used the running bulldog as his finisher. The crowd were silent throughout this match. Smith should have got some promo time before or after the match to remind fans who he is or what his agenda is. The same applies to Haas. Both men are just stuck out there at the moment and it’s a shame as they’re two great wrestlers. Here is Your Winner: D.H SMITH. Post match sees Grisham playing Smith’s win up as a result of Haas not being able to recover from the backbodydrop. Smith gets his arms raised and he mounts the corner then leaves and smiles at the camera on his way to the back.

Grisham wishes us a Happy Holidays as Heat fades to black.

Best match: Charlie Haas vs D.H Smith.
Worst match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Super Crazy vs The Highlanders.
Verdict: Thumbs down. A disappointing last regular show of 2007.

Heat will be a special edition next week due to Raw’s Tribute to the Troops airing tomorrow night. Until next week I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope you all have a wonderful festive season. I hope Santa brings you everything that you have asked for. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones and I’ll catch you later. Shaun.

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