WWE 9/13 Jonesboro, AR, house show results: Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Submitted by Adam Kirby

WWE ran a pretty decent show in Jonesboro, AR tonight. Crowd not as large as the last time I came to town for a show back in 2012 for Punk v Ryback.

R-Truth over Bo Dallas

Truth won after countering a sunset flip reversal.

Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow over the Ascension

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Axel hit the facebuster Viktor for the win By far the worst efforts I’ve ever seen from the face team. Big bummer when Axel hit what must be the worst dropkick in his career. Goofy match.

Natalya over Alicia Foxx

Long heat segment, Natalya never getting more than one offensive move in before getting cut off. Easily best match so far.

WWE Champion/U.S. Champion Seth Rollins over Dean Ambrose

Rollins won after hitting an exposed turnbuckle shot and a Pedigree. Great match, tons of moves, sick Falcon Arrow, Rollins argues with the crowd and a child in the front row over whether or not he’s a sissy.  

WWE Tag Team Champions New Day Big E and Xavier Woods over the Primetime Players

New Day won after Xavier Woods hits Titus O’Neil with a DDT and a big second rope legdrop. New Day were hilarious as always. Xavier Woods wore Big E’s singlet after claiming the airline lost his luggage. He adopted some of E’s moveset including a nice belly to belly, an attempt at the running splash, and the body block. Referred to himself as Big Woods.

Cesaro over Kevin Owens

Cesaro won after reversing a popup powerbomb into a hurricanrana. Smart match, not too crazy as to overshadow the main, but a back and forth with big moves and Owens preventing Cesaro from ever hitting the big swing.

Roman Reigns over Bray Wyatt in a streetfight

Lots of big shots back and forth at the beginning. Both guys were over and definitely brought a different feel to the main event. Bray Wyatt worked over Reigns with kendo stick shots and throwing a chair at his head. Hits a Uranage through a table, loses control to a series of Reigns punches and slaps before taking a powerbomb through a table. Luke Harper breaks up the pin, hits a big superkick, only to eat superman punches to the glee of the crowd.

Lights out, Braun Strowman appears and chokes out Reigns until chants for Ambrose lead to the save and comeback. Reigns throws Wyatt headfirst through a chair in the corner and follows up with a Spear while someone near by freaks out and screams “DESTROOOY HIMMMM.” Big spectacle match sends the crowd home happy.