WWE 205 Live Results (3/6): Buffalo, NY

WWE returns to KeyBank Center in Buffalo, NY for this week’s edition of 205 Live.

Featured below are complete results for the Friday, March 6, 2020 episode of 205 Live written by Rajah.com’s Newest Female Reporter: Jamie Rush, follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312

WWE 205 LIVE RESULTS (3/6/20): Buffalo, NY.

This week’s episode of WWE’s weekly Cruiserweight-themed show comes from the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York following Friday Night SmackDown on FOX in the U.S. and is now on the international platform of the WWE Network.

The show opens with the usual video package and then we shoot live inside the arena where the announcers welcome us to the broadcast.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Ariya Daivari

Out first for the first match of the evening on 205 Live is Isaiah “Swerve” Scott as his music sounds in the KeyBank Center in Buffalo, New York. Swerve makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. The 5 on 5 Elimination Match for next week is highlighted. Ariya Daivari is announced next as his music sounds in the arena. Daivari makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with his awaiting opponent, Swerve.

Swerve motions for Daivari to “Come On” as the bell rings and the match begins. An early lock up between the two men in the center of the ring. Daivari with a little trash talk as he shoves Swerve in the chest. Swerve gains the upper hand as he gets Daivari to his knees. A quick jab by Swerve as Daivari rolls through. Swerve with a Basement Drop Kick connecting to the jaw of Daivari. Swerve makes it to the top, Daivari rolls to the outside.

Swerve gets to the apron with a kick to the face of Daivari. Daivari lands on the outside. Back in the ring, Daivari kicks out at two. Swerve focusing on the left arm and shoulder of Daivari. Swerve looking confident as he goes for The Snap. Daivari shouts out in pain. Back and forth action between the two men. Double Neck Chop by Daivari on Swerve, changing the direction of the match immediately.

Daivari goes into a Neck Breaker on Swerve, followed by a pin attempt. Swerve kicks out at two. Swerve and Daivari continue to land strikes back and forth until Swerve finally lands a Jumping Flat Liner on Daivari for a pin attempt. Daivari kicks out at two, then hits a Michinoku Driver for the counter as he makes his way back to his feet.

Swerve is thrown from the ring, landing on the apron, Daivari lands a Knee Lift on Swerve. Swerve hits Daivari with a flurry of kicks to the chest. Daivari hits a DDT for a two count on Swerve. Daivari attempting to catch his breath as the referee checks both men. Daivari makes his way back to his feet, a crazed look in his eyes.

Daivari with the Hammer Lock Lariat, Swerve with a kick to the face followed by House Call. Swerve covers for the pin, Daivari kicks out at two. Swerve snaps the left arm calling it Pop Culture on Daivari. Swerve with a Double Stomp for the cover off the top, one two three for the pin and win.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs. Mike Kanellis & Tony Nese

As we come back from commercial, the team of Mike Kanellis and “The Premiere Athlete” Tony Nese is announced as their music sounds and they make their way down the ramp towards the ring. Kanellis and Nese enter the ring and await their opponents. Out next is Burch and Lorcan as they quickly make their way down the ramp and enter the ring with Kanellis and Nese. The bell rings and the match begins.

Nese and Burch start things off for this tag-team match. Nese attempting to show Buffalo “the merchandise”, Burch connects, knocking Nese to the mat. Burch jokingly shoves off his guns. Nese tags in Kanellis. Burch tags in Lorcan. A Headlock by Lorcan, countered as Kanellis knocks Lorcan to the mat. Kanellis with several right hands on Lorcan.

Burch chases Kanellis around the ring. Burch is knocked to the ground on the outside of the ring. Burch back in the ring, makes the tag to Lorcan. Nese gets the tag as well. Lorcan hits the American Uppercut. Lorcan throws Chops back and forth at both Kanellis and Nese.

A Knee to the face of Lorcan followed by a cover. Lorcan kicks out at two. Burch shouts to Lorcan for the tag, Lorcan struggles back to his feet, shaking as he starts to Hulk his way out of the hold. Nese tags in as Kanellis drags Lorcan to his corner. Nese with a Chop to the midsection of Lorcan.

Nese goes for the cover, Lorcan once again kicking out. Nese drives in a Headlock on Lorcan. Burch shouts to the crowd as he hits the top turnbuckle, the crowd trying to help Lorcan up. Nese attempts a Moonsault, nothing but canvas. Kanellis back in the ring, Lorcan makes it to Burch. Burch landing right hands, then kicking Kanellis to the outside.

Burch with a kick to the face of Kanellis, then Nese. A DDT on Kanellis, then another DDT on Nese. Burch shouts to Lorcan. Burch lifts Kanellis to his shoulders, Nese knocks Lorcan off the top. A knee into a slam on Burch by Nese for the cover and the three count.

Winners: Mike Kanellis & Tony Nese

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