Wrestler Gets Knocked Out By A Brick To The Back Of His Head

At a recent Lucha Memes / Lucha Libre Boom Co-Promoted Event in Puerto Rico, a wrestler was knocked out when a cinder block brick was thrown from his opponent, Angel o Demonio, in the ring out to the floor, hitting him in the back of his head when he wasn’t expecting it.
Cuervo, the wrestler who was hit with a brick, was legitimately knocked out for a few moments as a result of what looked visually to be a very brutal spot.
The referee and what appeared to be a ringside physician at the event immediately checked on Cuervo, who was completely unconscious, face-down, on the concrete outside the ring. He would eventually regain consciousness and be helped to the back. The match ended just a few moments later after Demonio taunted the crowd for a bit.

You can check out the video footage below along with a number of tweets and a photo of this brutal incident from The Recent Lucha Memes / Lucha Libre Boom Co-Promotional Event:

On the +Lucha stream of the LLB/Lucha Memes show, Angel o Demonio threw a brick at the back of Cuervo (of Puerto Rico)’s head when he clearly had no idea it was coming. Cuervo was knocked out, regained consciousness quickly after. pic.twitter.com/uCrP2EntjC
— luchablog (@luchablog) November 20, 2018

for people asking “why”, this is the techinical why, though there’s obviously no good answer for why outside “he could, he’ll get in no trouble for it, and it might make him viral famous” https://t.co/vcP7VBHbk8
— luchablog (@luchablog) November 20, 2018

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