When will the TNA Title Series conclude?


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One of the biggest wrestling mysteries right now is when exactly the TNA World Title tournament will conclude. Has it already been taped? Will they re-tape matches? How did the canceled India tour affect TV taping plans? Will TNA wait until the Pop TV premiere to crown a new Hvt. champion?

Ethan Carter III, who held the TNA Title until Bound for Glory in October, suggested in a new interview that the tournament will conclude in December on Destination America. Since TNA does not have tapings scheduled for the rest of the year, that would mean the tournament will remain as taped, unless TNA finds a way to tape new matches.

“As far as my personal goals, I mean, winning the World Title Series, capping off the year (2015) being two-time unbeaten Champion, opening the show January 5, live on Pop TV on Impact Wrestling as the World Heavyweight Champion and then holding it for the whole calendar year; that’s my goals,” Carter told The Rack Radio Show airing on WildTalkRadio.

Carter added more in the interview: “January 5 live on Pop TV, our first episode is going to be blockbuster and gangbusters and I’m very much looking forward to opening the show as the two-time, unbeaten, World Heavyweight Champion, first time in wrestling history. It’s pretty cool.”

The quarter-finals of the tournament are scheduled for next Wednesday, December 9. That leaves Dec. 16, 23, and 30 as available dates to conclude the tournament and leave 2015 with a champion – whether it’s ECIII or someone else – heading into the Pop TV debut.

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