WATCH: Matt Hardy Cuts Promo As New Character, Says His Mind Is ‘Fully Woken’

Matt Hardy appears to be “fully woken”, as he Tweeted the following video, featuring him asking fans to engulf him with their disdain and to feed him your energy so he can turn it into power.

The conclusion of the video features Hardy instructing his audience to “get woke, stay woke”.

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As we noted earlier this week, WWE is creating a retooled version of the “broken” character for Matt Hardy to use in WWE, and it appears as if he will be called “Woken Matt Hardy” as opposed to “broken”. As for the mannerisms and verbiage associated with the “broken” gimmick in TNA, it appears as if Hardy will still be using the signature “delete” threat, which Impact Wrestling will now allow him to use as the company recently restructured its talent deals to allow Impact gimmicks to be used outside of the company.

We also noted earlier today that Hardy debuted the new character at a WWE live event this weekend in Salt Lake City, and you can check out footage of it at this link.

I have #BROKEN down the MORTAL BOUNDARIES of the brain. I SEE ALL.

My mind has fully #WOKEN. I AM MORE.

I shall DELETE the wicked & CONSUME whatever emotions are EMITTED. I AM MAGIC.

— #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) December 3, 2017