Wasserman Schultz: Trump has 'penchant for lying'

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) on Wednesday asked if President TrumpDonald John TrumpSenate advances public lands bill in late-night vote Warren, Democrats urge Trump to back down from veto threat over changing Confederate-named bases Esper orders ‘After Action Review’ of National Guard’s role in protests MORE can be trusted after his allegations of rampant voter fraud in the 2016 presidential race.

During an interview on CNN’s “New Day,” Wasserman Schultz said the president appears to be questioning the legitimacy of his own election while also “touting how legitimate and huge his election was and how historic it is.”

“It can’t be both,” she said.

“What is most deeply disturbing about his penchant for lying is if he’s willing to lie about the trivial, like crowd size, or the significant, like voter fraud, then what happens when, God forbid, we go to war?”


Wasserman Schultz, who last year resigned as Democratic National Committee chairwoman in the wake of leaked embarrassing emails, went on to question what would happen when the country has its troops’ lives on the line and there are casualties.

“Is he going to send Sean Spicer out to lie about the casualties that have taken place? Are our allies going to be able to trust us?” she asked.

“How are we going to sit across the table from other countries and negotiate when you have an administration that cannot be trusted because they lie every day willingly?”

Wasserman Schultz also disputed the president’s allegations that there were many cases of dead people voting in the presidential election.

She said during the interview there is “no possible way that there is rampant cases of dead people voting.”

“When you die, eventually, you are purged from the registration lists,” Wasserman Schultz said.

However, there could be people who recently died who may still be registered to vote, she said.

“I’m talking about, you know, a few months ago,” she said, adding that there is “no evidence” though that those people did vote.

“There would have to be massive fraud being perpetrated, because remember, a live person has to actually go and cast that vote, misrepresenting who they are. They wouldn’t have ID that they are that person.”

She said there are “various serious checks” now to prove people are who they say they are when they show up to vote. 

Trump on Wednesday announced he would ask for a “major investigation” into voter fraud in the country, “including those who are illegal” and “those registered to vote who are dead.”

Trump said during a White House meeting with congressional leaders earlier this week he lost the popular vote because of rampant voter fraud by “illegals.”

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday defended Trump’s latest claims of voter fraud.

“I think there have been studies; there was one that came out of Pew in 2008 that showed 14 percent of people who have voted were not citizens,” Spicer said. “There are other studies that were presented to him.”

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