Volleyball celebrate 116th anniversary!

Volleyball was invented by US American William G. Morgan back in 1895. Our beloved sport is celebrating today its 116th birthday! Happy birthday from volleycountry:-)



Just to recall some background information, the first FIVB World Congress was staged in 1947 in Paris and attended by a total of 14 countries: Belgium, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, France, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Uruguay and the United States of America. France’s Paul Libaud was elected at that time first FIVB President and maintained that position for almost 4 decades.

As of today, the FIVB has got a total of 220 affiliated National Federations, divided into 5 Continental Confederations, i.e. Africa (53), Asia (65), Europe (55), NORCECA (35) and South America (12).

Read volleyball history.

source: CEV

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