Video: JTG Shares Thoughts on the Jordan Myles Situation

Chris Featherstone shared:
I had the pleasure of interviewing JTG live on Monday evening following WWE Raw to discuss the Jordan Myles WWE situation.

2:21 – Reviewing t-shirt tweet
4:03 – History of “black face”
7:40 – Jordan Myles’ “THEY” response
13:00 – JTG shares thoughts on Myles’ Jay Lethal tweet
16:41 – Did Jordan Myles approve the t-shirt design?
20:39 – Was Triple H completely unaware of the “black face” history?
22:26 – JTG on how Jordan Myles can spin these tweets and make it a huge WWE Raw storyline
23:18 – Ideas on a “New Nation” style stable with Jordan Myles; JTG interested in returning to WWE to be a part of it
25:17 – JTG on Jordan Myles protesting, Myles statement on “Baker Landon lied to my face!” tweet, tweet mentioning Hulk Hogan
28:30 – How Hulk Hogan can be used in storyline to help Jordan Myles
29:05 – JTG says Jordan Myles is “just hurt right now”
32:17 – Has WWE shown a pattern of black culture disrespect?
34:34 – Was Jordan Myles in the right in bringing up Jay Lethal?, more live questions answered
42:16 – JTG on how Jordan Myles can clear up this situation with WWE
43:15 – More live questions answered
45:08 – Does JTG ever regret Cryme Tyme?
46:56 – JTG gives insight to Jordan Myles, and how he can rebound from these series of tweets
47:43 – Chris and JTG discuss manager who can return to WWE to even further boost factionClick Here: canterbury-bankstown bulldogs rugby store