VIDEO: Being The Elite – 'Take it home'

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The show began with some gross-out humor. There was a line for the bathroom. Matt Jackson decided to jump to the front of the line by blading and convincing the others that his cut needed attention. He barged into the bathroom and Michael Nakazawa was on the toilet. Matt told Nakazawa he was bleeding and Nakazawa had to get out. Nakazawa held up a bloody piece of toilet paper and said he was bleeding too. 
There was a travel montage. Brian Cage and Luchasaurus were seated in the same row on the plane to Jacksonville. Brandon Cutler was stuck in the middle seat in their row. 
Matt and Nick showed off their wristbands showing that they were tested for coronavirus and had their temperatures checked. 
Kenny Omega explained to Damascus that Matt and Nick were Christian as f— and didn’t drink. 
The FTR segment from last week’s Dynamite was shown from a camera in the audience. 
Cutler asked Best Friends and Cassidy if they had their BTE bit ready yet. They did not. 
Christopher Daniels explained his colonoscopy to Tony Schiavone, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky. Kazarian told him to take it home. Damascus explained the insider term “take it home” using broken brilliance. 
Colt Cabana approached Omega backstage. Cabana told Omega that Chris Harrington was at home. Omega said that meant that there was no one there to protect Cabana from him. Omega chased Omega to the ring and rolled him up for a three count. 
On this week’s Speaking Spanglish segment, Alex Abrahantes, Santana and Ortiz explained “chequear.”
Best Friends and Cassidy tried to think of a bit. Trent said that this has been the best year of their lives. Cassidy was not so sure. 
Private Party and Matt Hardy approached Hangman Page backstage. Page had been drinking. Quen and Kassidy asked Page for the money from their backyard ladder match. Nick interrupted and said that the fans hated their BTE bit and he was cancelling them. Page left without paying.