Update on the Braun Strowman/Karen Jarrett Incident

As previously reported, there was some sort of incident between Braun Strowman and Karen Jarrett in a bar at Nashville last July 17. It seems now that there are more than one version of this incident going around. 
The version that was first reported was provided by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It indicated that Karen asked Braun for an autograph for her son, but was ignored and insulted so she threatened to tell on him to Kurt Angle, who is the father of her son leading to Strowman begging and apologizing.
Another version that surfaced indicates that it was Karen who was aggressive towards Strowman which resulted into a heated conversation. There is a third version, according to PWInsider.com, that indicates that it was a drunken conversation between two drunk people in a bar that got loud and nothing more.

Source: PWInsider.com