Update On Shelly Martinez, Paul London On MySpace, Jonathan Coachman-ESPN

— Former WWE/TNA performer Shelly Martinez has a new website at www.ShellyMartinez.com. The site won’t be officially launched until March 1, 2009 as it’s set to feature a pay section. Also, Martinez reunited with Kevin Thorn this past weekend at a wrestling convention in Staten Island, New York. Today is also her birthday as she turns 29 years old.

— Former WWE Superstar Paul London now has an account on MySpace. He can be reached at www.myspace.com/officialpaullondon. His ninety-day no-compete clause with WWE expired this past week and he’s started taking a number of bookings and interview requests. Promoters interested in booking him can do so through the page.

— It’s interesting to note that former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman was sitting in the anchor chair on ESPNews when the Alex Rodriguez-steroids story broke this past weekend. The former WWE performer editorialized on the improprieties of baseball players using steroids, reports www.f4wonline.com.

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