Update On Orton-Lesnar SummerSlam Finish: What WWE Wanted To Happen

As noted, WWE actually planned for the finish of the Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton match at SummerSlam to end with the belief that Lesnar went off-script with his bloody attack of Orton. At the very least, WWE was hoping for a sense of confusion in the sense that people wouldn’t know where reality began and the script ended.

Apparently Orton arrived to the arena expecting to have a regular match, until he was finally told during the day of the show that he was there to help get Lesnar even more over as a killer. As it was explained to Orton, his job wasn’t to have a good, competitive, back-and-forth match, but instead was there to make Lesnar, who is already booked strong, look even stronger than normal coming out of the match.

The finish of the match was written as such that Lesnar was to blast Orton with elbows and leave him laying bleeding while the match would be called off with Orton laid out. Orton was told that Lesnar knew how to graze the elbow that he would hit Orton with just so it would cut him, but what ended up happening instead was Lesnar fully hit Orton with a hard elbow and stiff punches.

The stiff-strikes resulted in the big gash we all saw after the show. Orton, however, still did his part as he continued to lay there and act as if he were knocked out while the referees played into the confusion.

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