Towering Teletubbies Born From Brooklyn LinkNYC Kiosks

WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN — Forget the hipster invasion — another group of strange, new visitors made their way into Williamsburg over the weekend.

An unknown prankster set up four LinkNYC kiosks with giant Teletubby costumes, one for each of the colorful TV show creatures. The fabric slips, complete with a 3D Teletubby head on top, showed up on stations on Berry Street and Wythe Avenue between North Fourth and Seventh streets, according to LinkNYC. They were first spotted by Hyperallergenic.

The costumes have since been taken off of the service stations, but not before a Gothamist tipster was able to snap a photo of each of the characters.

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The make-shift Teletubbies may have looked abnormally large on the LinkNYC stations, which each stand 9.5-feet tall. But, the Brooklyn visitors actually stood about as tall as their original British TV characters — who ranged from six to 11 feet.

LinkNYC said they weren’t responsible for the station’s new outfits.

“We appreciate New Yorkers’ creativity, but we wouldn’t want Teletubbies to interfere with anyone using Link’s super fast free Wi-Fi and community services,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

This isn’t the first time New Yorkers have used the internet-giving stations as the stage for their jokes.

Last year, someone programmed a series of the stations on Third Avenue in Manhattan to simultaneously blast a slowed-down version of the Mister Softee jingle.

That prank, also reported on by Gothamist, turned out to be a type of “performance art” by a man named Mark Thomas. Thomas told Gothamist he saw the stations as a broadcast tool and has used them as venues for experimental noise pieces, spoken word poetry and piano compositions.