This Tea Seller’s Story Of How His Kids Reacted When He Took Them To McDonald’s Is Everything

Life is a struggle for a lot of people – whether they are sitting comfortably in their air-conditioned offices or working as tea sellers outside those very workplaces. Their struggles differ but some stories just put the concept of ‘happiness’ in perspective.

This is the story of a tea seller in Mumbai who once had a big day at work.

humans of bombay

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When asked “When were you the happiest?” by Humans of Bombay, he said,

“There was some event happening at a big hotel nearby. And after lunch everyone wanted chai. That day I made more money than I make in a month. I took my wife and kids to McDonald’s for the first time and bought the kids their own burgers with the toys in it. My kids looked at me like I was their hero! That’s the happiest day of my life.”