The Lawcast – Wrestlemania IV Is The Stupidest Goddamn Tournament The World Has Ever Seen

Welcome, boys and girls, to another edition of the Lawcast! This week we’re continuing on with our anthology of Wrestlemanias with Wrestlemania IV. Or as it is more commonly known, “the one with the jacked up tournament for no reason.”

Be dazzled by the riches and splendor of Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. Be awed by the incredible promo abilities of Hulk Hogan. And most importantly, be divided, as we debate just who should have been the true successor to Hulk Hogan. Hint: it’s probably Sid. Or Warlord. Definitely Sid or Warlord.

Also, a quick Lawcast update: We ran out of storage room on Podomatic and had to move some of our archive over to Youtube so we could continue uploading new stuff. Everything past our last 20 episodes will be there from now on. You can find those old episodes here:

The Lawcast Youtube Archive

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