The Latest On CM Punk & The Undertaker's Conditions After WM29

– CM Punk was backstage at Monday’s RAW, despite the fact that he wasn’t used on television. WWE kept him off TV to sell the effects of his match against The Undertaker, but Punk really was very banged up during the match.

Another reason he was kept off the show was the fact that WWE didn’t want him getting a huge babyface reaction from the rowdy IZOD Center crowd. There had been talk of him doing a promo on the show, but the decision was made to feature Paul Heyman instead.

Punk is getting his knees checked out this week and reportedly had trouble walking around at RAW.

– The Undertaker, on the other hand, was said to be doing fine after WrestleMania 29. Despite the angle they filmed on RAW involving The Undertaker, Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield, there are no plans for the Undertaker to wrestle any time soon.

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