Terron Beckham, Brother of Odell, Talks Why He Turned Down a WWE

– Terron Beckham, the cousin of New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., recently spoke about why he turned down a WWE developmental deal. Here are the highlights, courtesy of wrestlinginc.com…
On Being Offered a WWE Developmental Deal: “I did make it, but it is not what I expected it to be,” he said. “I was basically required to drop everything that I have going on, that’s YouTube, that’s fitness business, that’s being a fitness personality. Everything I want to do would be under their wing, and I wasn’t fully OK with that.”
On Why He can’t Drop Everything to Sign With WWE: “After everything I’ve worked for, I can’t just drop that and let that go despite where the WWE could take me,” Beckham said. “So it didn’t make any sense for me to do so and just drop everything. And let’s say I get into it and I don’t like it, then I’d have to re-up from where I left off.”

On Losing Money by Signing With WWE: “If I was to sign and continue on with the WWE, I would actually be losing a lot of money that I can’t afford to lose the amount that I was going to lose, to give it all up to go for the WWE,” he said. “I do things on my own time, so I couldn’t give that up on top of a lot less pay than what I get paid now. Even with sponsors, I couldn’t keep sponsors, that sort of thing. That being said, I kind of want this to be for those who are aspiring to go into wrestling, just make sure you are willing to give up everything for that.”
On Feeling Misled: “I liked the training, I liked what we were doing and [thought I could] still keep on what I’m doing now, but that wasn’t the case. So I was misled on the journey I was hoping for,” Beckham said. “It’s tough, it was a tough decision because there are possibilities, making a million-whatever dollars and all this exposure in like four years. But I expect that nonetheless regardless, with or without it and I’d rather just keep doing what I’m doing and see the growth myself from doing my own thing. I think that makes more sense for me.”

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