Terri Runnels Possibly Involved In Fraud, April Hunter Comic Book, Torrie Wilson

— If you recall, former WWE Diva Terri Runnels held a writing contest last summer where the winner would become the owner of a “beautiful house” located in Gainesville, Florida. However, the contest would only go into effect if they garnered a certain number of entries — 5,000 minimum. As expected, the contest was eventually scrapped due to the lack of entries.

However, according to their own rules (see the PDF file), they were supposed to refund the entry fee of $200.00 less a $20.00 processing fee in case the Entrant Number Amount was not met — which it was not. The rules specifically state: “If the Entrant Number Amount is not met, the Sponsor may elect in its sole discretion (i) to have all entries received judged (“Close the Contest”) or (ii) to return the entry fee of $200.00 less the processing fee of $20.00 per each Entrant Fee to cover administrative fees.”

According to a legal attorney, contest entrants have yet to receive a refund of their entry fee nearly a year later. As a result, he is currently investigating the matter. He sent in the following note, dubbing the former WWE Diva’s contest “a giant fraud”:

“Former WWE women’s wrestler Terri Runnels website www.MakeTheWorldWrite.com turned out to be a giant fraud. The contest was scrapped due to “not receiving enough entries.” However, the entrants still have not received a refund of their $200 entry fee nearly a year later. To be fair and legal, we do not know if Ms. Runnels had any direct control over the payments but whomever was in charge of handling the website/funds took the money and ran. Those are all the details we can provide at the moment.”

— April Hunter will be “immortalized” in a new comic book series coming out this summer entitled Code Red. Click here for more information.

— As a result of her involvement in the upcoming NBC reality series I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here!, Torrie Wilson is featured on the celebrity gossip website HollywoodTuna.com. (Torrie Wilson Isn’t A Celebrity But Let’s Keep Her Here)

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