*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results From Jan. 14th In Orlando, FL.

Impact Wrestling continued their week-long series of television tapings on Sunday evening at the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Featured below, courtesy of MrEddyG and ProWrestling.net, are complete spoiler results of last night’s tapings.


1. Sami Callihan (w/OVE) beat Fallah Bahh. Sami won clean after Fallah was going for the Banzai Drop. Sami caught him with a kick to the back of the legs, and lifted him off the second rope with a modified Death Valley Driver.

Impressive move by Callihan. OVE and Samy attacked after the match and Callihan was about to use his baseball bat, but Eddie Edwards made the surprising save with a bat of his own.

2. Petey Williams defeated Suicide, Rohit Raju, and Taiji Ishimori in a four-way. Petey won with The Canadian Destroyer. Petey told Matt Sydal he’s bring his briefcase and winning his X Division Title.

3. Su Yung (w/Braxton Sutter) beat Amber Nova. Sutter stood on the ramp prior to the match and introduced Su Yung. Yung won with an airplane spin and drops Amber forward, back first into the mat.

4. “The Machine” Brian Cage defeated Lashley. Cage at one point did a beautiful suicide plancha onto Lashley. Both of these men are so agile for their size. Cage got a bit on an upset win. I’m surprised they didn’t save this match for Redemption, unless they’re planing a rematch.

5. Trevor Lee (w/Caleb Konley) beat Fallah Bahh. While the ref was distracted, Caleb hit Bah, in the second rope while he was going for his finisher. Lee pulled him off the rope rope with a spinebuster and got the cheap win.

Allie came out and was upset that Su Yung attacked her “last week.” Allie demanded she brings her, her-ASS OUT. (That’s how she said it). Funny. Yung eventually came out.

6. Su Yung beat Allie. Yung came out without Sutter at first this time, but he eventually appeared. Allie was distracted by him and Su got a kendo stick to hit Allie with for the DQ. She kept attacking until the ref tried to stop her, but he was also hit with the kendo stick. Yung and Braxton eventually headed to the back.

7. Johnny Impact beat Taiji Ishimori. Johnny won with Starship Pain. Solid, fast-paced match. Great effort from both men. After the match, Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong appeared. Johnny tried to go after Kongo on the outside, but he was caught. Kongo worked him over and threw Impact in the ring, but Johnny caught Kong with a kick before he got inside the ring and hit a corkscrew plancha on the outside. Johnny went back in the ring, but Jacobs held Kong back and they retreated to the back.

Richard Justice was scheduled to face KM. This may the first time I’ve ever been slightly happy to see KM and he had a mic. He said Richard looks a bit confused. He called Justice a fat, disgusting, embarrassment to the wrestling industry. He said Richard is so fat that when he eats cereal, he needs a life guard. He said Justice is so fat when he goes to a restaurant and orders a menu, Justice says yes please. KM kept making fat jokes until he got to the punchline a/k/a he punched Richard in the face. So there was no official match. Fallah Bahh tried to come down to help, but The Cult Of Lee attacked him, and then Tyrus came down to even things up. Tyrus got a mic and told some kid to stop making fun of KM and the Cult Of Lee.

Global Wrestling Network exclusive match: LAX (w/Konnan) beat KM and Braxton Sutter. LAX eventually won with their finisher and celebrated in the crowd after.

Lashley arrived and had a mic. He said every time someone new arrives they set their sights on him because they know he’s the top of the food chain and they have to go through him. He called out Cage to come down face-to-face. Cage came out and there was a ref in the ring.

8. Brian Cage beat Lashley. Bobby went after Cage outside the ring to start. Lashley used a lot heel tactics during the match by choking and giving Brian a low kick when the referee was distracted. Hard hitting match, but Cage won again with his finisher. Lashley interacted with the crowd later, took off his wristbands outside, and threw his headband and weight belt in the ring. I hope he’s not finished here too. If not, I don’t understand why he lost two matches before a pay-per-view.

9. Impact Wrestling Global Champion Austin Aries defeated Impact Wrestling Grand and X Division Champion Matt Sydal (w/Josh Matthews) to win the Impact Wrestling Grand Championship. Josh kept trying to interfere. Petey Williams grabbed him off the apron and Aries took advantage to win the Grand Title.

GWN Exclusive match: Alberto El Patron beat AAA Latin American Champion El Hijo del Fantasma. It ended when Fantasma went for a second rope frog splash, but Alberto turned it into a cross arm breaker, and Fantasma immediately tapped out. In a completely disrespectful move, Alberto took off El Hijo’s mask after the match. Fantasma hid his face with a towel to go to the back. I don’t know what that was all about. This last match ended the tapings.