Seth Rollins Says He Wants To Face Brock Lesnar Again In A “Fair Fight”

Seth Rollins narrowly managed to escape the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the Universal Championship around his waist, but the “Beast Incarnate” is still in full possession of his Money in the Bank briefcase…

At WWE Super Showdown, the so-called “Beast Slayer” managed to not only successfully defend his title in singles competition against Baron Corbin, but also shake off an attack by Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman. With a little help from a steel chair and another low blow, Rollins actually left Lesnar covered in bruises, desperately clutching the Money in the Bank briefcase that he was never able to cash in.

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Later on, Rollins was interviewed backstage and talked about being ready for Brock Lesnar, adding that he hopes the Beast does the right thing and cashes in his contract face-to-face “like a man”.