Seth Rollins Ditching the Pedigree? Debuts New Finisher After Raw

Now that Wrestlemania is over, it appears that Seth Rollins will likely no longer be finishing off his opponents with the Pedigree. After Raw went off the air last Monday, Rollins and Chris Jericho faced off against Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe, and he did not use the move in the match at all. Instead he opted to use a knee strike known as the Rain-Trigger, a move that has been used in New Japan Pro Wrestling for a number of years now. Apparently, there has been talk in recent weeks that after his program with Triple H ended at Wrestlemania, Rollins would be abandoning the finishing move.
This would be Seth Rollins’ second finishing move change since coming up to the main roster from NXT. He originally used a move called the Curb Stomp where he would use his foot to shove a downed opponent’s head to the mat. Vince McMahon thought that the move was too dangerous for others to imitate and had it changed to the Pedigree back in 2015.
No word on why exactly this finisher change has come about, but considering Seth Rollins and his history of knee problems, it may be best to adopt a finisher that doesn’t require you to jump and land on both of them. Rollins defeated “The King of Kings” at Wrestlemania back in early April, and he is currently expected to resume his feud with Samoa Joe for the time being.

You can view the new finisher in this video:

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