Rollins’ role in “Sharknado 4”, Rusev and Lana Getting Married

From Reddit user ElGringoAlto;
A month ago, I did a self-post here just letting folks know that I’d gotten a press release saying Seth Rollins would be doing a cameo in “Sharknado 4.” I ended up finally seeing a press screener last night, so allow me to tell you what exactly that cameo constitutes before the movie airs on SyFy Sunday night.
Suffice to say, it’s extremely brief. He’s simply referred to as “Lopez” once, and he works for the film’s super-science corporation, AstroTech. He’s briefly seen loading a cylinder of some kind of yellow goo that is used in the machines this corporation uses to disrupt Sharknados as they form. The machines are a major plot point of the film.

However, I can at least tell you that he does have one classic Sharknado line. It is as follows:
“I’ll superkick that storm back into the dark ages.”
Suffice to say, he does not do this.

Pictures from Lana’s snapchat at their rehearsal for their weeding this weekend.



One more day and this girlfriend will be my wife. #wedding and yes she is marrying UP @thelanawwe
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