Referee Reportedly Fined Over Controversial WrestleMania Main Event Finish

According to a report by, Rod Zapata, the referee for the WrestleMania 35 main event was fined by WWE for his role in the finish.

Despite how wrestling is portrayed, WWE always wants its officials to treat the matches as if they are a shoot, meaning that they should only count a pinfall if the wrestler’s shoulders are actually on the mat.

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Of course, Ronda Rousey’s shoulders were not on the mat for part of the three count at WrestleMania which led to a controversial finish, and Vince McMahon has reportedly fined Zapata an undisclosed amount for counting the pinfall.

Whilst that was the planned finish, Vince wanted him to wait until the shoulders were on the mat, therefore the controversy wouldn’t have taken place. The report states that Vince spoke directly with Zapata the next night at Raw about the situation.


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