Rebecca Minkoff Passion Bag

Take a close look at the satchel you see pictured here. Would you believe it is from Rebecca Minkoff? I sure didn’t when I first laid eyes on it! Meet the Rebecca Minkoff Small Passion Bag! It is an odd-looking little satchel that is completely out of character for its designer!

Seriously though, let’s examine this piece in greater detail. The shape of this bag alone is very unique. It is long and it is wider at the bottom than it is at the top. Not quite a doctors bag, its appearance is almost tent-like in a way. The rolled handles are very short and they are attached to the bag in an awkward manner. Finally, the bag is adorned with flat button-like studs which create a neat border around the perimeter. Put all these features together and I would have sworn I had a Foley and Corinna bag on my hands! As strange as this handbag seems for Rebecca Minkoff, however, I am glad to see that she has the guts to dip her toes in uncharted areas. She is pushing the boundaries of what people have come to associate as typical among her designs. Certainly there is nothing wrong with that! Plus the uniqueness of this bag is starting to grow on me. It’s not for everyday, of course. But I think it would be cute for a semi-formal occasion where you don’t want a clutch but you don’t want a full-blown handbag either.

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