RAWWWR! KENZO Rose Gold Metal Tiger Paw Bag

This may sound strange, but the KENZO Rose Gold Metal Paw Bag made me think of the time my husband told me about the animal trophies his manager at work had on display in his office. He had a bear paw mounted on the wall and pictures everywhere showing himself with his hunting trophies. The reason I am thinking of this now is because the KENZO Metal Paw Bag is, well, a paw. The brand is known for its signature tiger silhouettes and this KENZO Rose Gold Metal Paw Bag is suppose to have been molded in the shape of a tiger paw. Honestly though, my first thought is that it looked more like a bear paw..

The kind of paw this bag is supposed to depict probably doesn’t matter. What matters is the rose gold colored metal (zinc alloy) that makes up the body of this bag. Rose gold was super popular a few years ago, but it seems to still be holding on. I personally love rose gold, so this piece is certainly a welcome sight. I think it would look lovely paired with a little black dress for a fun night-out piece.

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Retails for $605