Piper & Santino On Late Night Talk Show, Hogan Launches Website, Randy Savage

— WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper made a surprise appearance during a skit that aired on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show on Friday night. Piper visited Kimmel’s (real life) Cousin Sal’s birthday party at a Hooters restaurant, but was rudely interrupted by Santino Marella. Piper started yelling at Marella, telling him to get a designated driver. Santino responded by yelling out “Betty Ford” to Piper. Santino slapped Sal, and Piper then slapped Santino, who slapped Piper back. Sal threw a cake at Marella and they started rolling around on the floor, with Piper throwing chicken wings at both guys.

— After being in developmental for quite some time, Hulk Hogan finally launched his new state-of-the-art official website, which you can see at HulkHogan.com.

— On TMZ on Friday, Britney Spears’ younger sister Jamie Lynn was shown sitting on a tractor eating beef jerky, and they randomly inserted a clip from an old Slim Jim commercial featuring “Macho Man” Randy Savage saying “Snap into it!”

— Devin Cutting sent in the following… Marty Jannetty & Zach Gowen will be appearing at the Blue Water Championship Wrestling event in Alpena, Michigan on June 14th, 2008. Go to http://bwcwstars.com for info about BWCW & http://prowrestlingevents.tk for info about upcoming shows.

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