Pat Patterson On Shawn Michaels Being “Hard to Get Along With”, Which Two Smackdown Talents are “Bona Fide Stars”

WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard and below are some interview highlights.

On working with Shawn Michaels:

“Shawn was a good talent, but he could be hard to get along with,” said Patterson. “Eventually, he was fired. But he had so much talent, it was unbelievable. Then some time went by, and I said, ‘Vince, give him a chance’ enough times that Vince said, ‘God damn it!’ Shawn had the talent, he just needed to slow down a little bit.”

“Shawn belonged in the business, so did Bret, and they were good for the business,” said Patterson. “I did a lot to help them because they had the talent.

On the classic Iron Man match between HBK and Bret Hart:

“That match between Shawn and Bret, I was going crazy backstage. It was unbelievable. I love that match so much, even though there was a time when people didn’t want to hear about that match.”

Patterson added two talents he currently feels are “bona fide” stars in WWE are Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler. Patterson went on to say the two Smackdown Live stars could have a modern day Iron Man Match, and that he feels Owens has the potential to be a major babyface in WWE.

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Source :

Sports Illustrated

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