OohiLove Closed

If you frequently browse the penny luxury auction site OohiLove and went for a visit today hoping to score some “Christian Louboutin pumps for only $5″ or a “Louis Vuitton handbag for only $8″(it didn’t really work like that), then you were smacked in the face with an unpleasant message,

Dear oohilovers,
It is with regret that we announce oohilove.com, an Entertainment Shopping Inc. company, is closing its doors.
We would like to thank you for your support.

They went bankrupt and decided to close their doors. As I reported my experience over on TheBagForum, on the 30th I received a note from ScoreLuxe (a company that OIL sold our information to) that OohiLove’s parent company, Entertainment Shopping AG, filed for bankruptcy and the oohilove Live Bidding Auctions website will be shut down. No mention of this on the OIL website and I never received an email from them, in fact they were still selling gift cards and bid packs.

In an email I received from ScoreLuxe:

Currently, you have 302 bids in your OohiLove account. By joining ScoreLuxe.com and buying any bid pack, we will credit you with 302 additional bids into your ScoreLuxe.com account. These bids can then be used on all upcoming auctions at ScoreLuxe.com, featuring marquis brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Neiman Marcus, Chanel and much more.

Go to ScoreLuxe.com and sign up for a free account. Please put OOHILOVE in the coupon code field.

Buy any bid pack (starting at 30 bids for $29.70).
Within 24 hours, we will verify your account information and add 302 bids to your account.

About ScoreLuxe.com and Why We’re Different:
We understand you may have concerns about ScoreLuxe, considering what happened with OohiLove. We would like you to know that we have been in business since September 2010 and have sophisticated risk management policies in place to ensure our continued viability. We are a technology focused firm and only auction items that we have in-stock. We ship all wins within 7 days, carry no debt, and our focus on our continued viability has enabled us to grow 50% month over month in 2011.

So basically in order to access your OIL bid packs, you would have to buy one of ScoreLuxe’s bid packs. Not going to happen. But what really irritates me the most about all of this is the fact that OIL never once emailed their users about this and that they continued to sell gift cards up to the moment of closing down.

Fast forward less than 24 hours later after receiving that email from ScoreLuxe and the site is no longer active, only a splash page informing members the site is closed down.

Let me hear your thoughts. Were you affected by this?