NWA Powerrr Results (10/15): Atlanta, GA. (Watch Full Episode At Rajah.com)

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) returned with episode two of their new weekly digital series, NWA POWERRR, from their Center Stage studio television taping in Atlanta, Georgia this week.

On Tuesday evening, NWA premiered the second installment of the series, dubbed, “CLICKBAIT,” on their official YouTube channel. Featured below are complete results of NWA Powerrr: Clickbait from Tuesday, October 15th.

The Rock Gives NWA Props, Others React To “Powerrr” Premiere

A montage of wrestling fans, first time viewers, YouTubers, and professional wrestlers alike all complimenting and hyping the NWA Powerrr series that quickly became number one trending in the United States last week after only the debut episode.

Among several other tweet screenshots popping up during the show’s countdown, that of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s read in part, “Stumbled across this show last night and enjoyed it. I grew up in territories and started my career at channel 5 in Memphis so I have a lot of love/respect for small scale, crowd tv shows. Cool vintage feel. Keep working hard boys. Rock”


The words, “I think about how far we’ve come. We went from a punchline to a headline, and we are here live in Atlanta, GA!” echo over highlights from last Wednesday’s debut episode of NWA Powerrr are shown to begin the show.

Dokken’s “Into the Fire” begins to play as the opening credits begin for second episode of NWA Powerrr, “Clickbait”. The camera pans over the in-house crowd at GPB Studios in Atlanta, GA as the opening credits end.

Jim Cornette & Joe Galli Run Down Tonight’s Lineup

Joe Galli and Jim Cornette are seen sitting side by side as they begin to announce tonight’s card for this second episode of NWA Powerrr. The crowd can be heard cheering and reacting to each announcement. Both men acknowledge a lot of action took place around their desk last week leaving them a little nervous for their safety. Jokingly the suggest Marquez make his way over to protect them.

Studio Interview With Aron Stevens (aka Damien Sandow)

Dave Marquez announces pro wrestler Aron Stevens (formerly known as WWE star Damien Sandow) who is making his NWA debut. While boasting about the success he had outside of professional wrestling in the last two years, Stevens added that when he heard the NWA and studio wrestling was back, he was back.

Stevens continued on saying he is a star, and he will let everybody know when he wants a co-star. He announced everyone should avoid eye contact with him as he was a serious thespian. The crowd laughed and booed in mixed emotion as Stevens shouted, “Silence!”. With a confident smile, Steven’s seemed to not hear the negative backlash from the audience as he exclaimed, “They love me, they really love me!” and the interview ended.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Ricky Starks

Veteran wrestler Trevor Murdoch is announced first in the ring, followed by Ricky Starks who was making his in-ring debut. Ref breaks up a lock-up in the corner of the ring early on, giving Starks a chance. Murdoch mimics Stark’s feminine posing as Starks turned the match around with several close 2 counts. Murdoch throws Starks across the ring like a ragdoll after blocking a tornado DDT attempt. Starks counters Murdoch’s attempt to take him down by jumping right into him for a Crucifix roll-up and three count. Starks sits against the inside turnbuckle in amazement as he catches his breath. he is a force to be reckoned with as he proves to everyone he came to win.

Winner: Ricky Starks

After the Match

Ricky Starks makes his way to the interview podium with Dave Marquez to discuss his debut match and first win on NWA Powerrr. Before Marquez can get a word out, Trevor Murdoch makes his way into the frame. Starks looks nervous for a split second, though quickly relaxes as Murdoch extends his hand to Starks for a congratulatory handshake as he said, “Good job kid, it just wasn’t my night.” As Murdoch walks away, Starks is left looking directly into the camera stunned. Starks regains his composure saying Murdoch was a professional for what he just did, then goes on to share his future goals in the NWA. Starks ends the interview stating there’s much more to come from him.


Galli is seen speaking on the “clickbait” incident. Galli declared he would continue being a fair and balanced journalist that asks the tough questions.

Studio Interview With Colt Cabana

Galli was interviewing Colt Cabana when he mentioned James Storm winning the NWA National Championship and Cabana’s loss. Cabana stated that he was 100% now and was coming for the championship, even the tag team championship. He smirked and said, “You think I don’t got a guy… I got a guy.” He repeated, “I got a guy” multiple times in a cocky singsong fashion then added, “I’ll tell you what his name is. His name is…” before he could respond, a voice came over the speakers shouting, “Anderson!”. Ken Anderson joined Cabana in the studio. Both men shout their names into the microphones and make their way to the ring.

Mr. Anderson & Colt Cabana vs. Jordan Kingsley & Sal Rinauro

Cabana and Kingsley are in the ring together with a lot of back and forth action when Cabana starts flipping Kingsley, multiple times. Cabana is playing with Kingsley in the ring, then tags in Mr. Anderson. Anderson with a Sidewalk Slam on Kingsley who in turn tags Rinauro in. Rinauro getting Anderson early on, Anderson retaliates with a clothesline. Anderson tags in Cabana for a short period, then Anderson tags back in. Kingsley tagged in on Rinauro’s foot without Anderson noticing. As Rinauro tries to catch Anderson off guard, Cabana jumps in too slamming him to the mat. Cabana gets the legal tag in and continues wearing on Kingsley. Cabana tags back to Anderson who hits a rolling senton for the win.

Winner: Mr. Anderson & Colt Cabana


Kyle Davis is seen backstage interviewing Homicide and Kingston. Before Davis can get anything out, Kingston interrupts him saying the people want to hear from him, not Davis. Walking forward and backward quickly toward the camera, Kingston continues to go in and out of focus as he yells. Kingston exclaimed the Wild Cards “ain’t nothin’” until they beat the King and the God of New York (Homicide) as the interview ended abruptly.

Ashley Vox vs. Allysin Kay

Early on in the match, Allysin Kay cleverly uses her clearly larger size and power to dominate the beginning of the match. Vox hit a Cannonball for the two count, Kay kicked out. Kay gains momentum and blocks the Fish on a Hook hold by Vox, followed by her finisher.

Winner: Allysin Kay

Interview Studio

Allysin Kay makes her way to the interview set where Marquez is waiting to interview her. Kay switches spots with Marquez as she wanted to show off her “good side”. Kay said Vox has a bright future, just not with Kay’s championship. Kay yelled to Vox, “You did good, kid.”


Joe Galli is shown interviewing NWA National Champion James Storm. According to Storm, the NWA National Title is merely a prop that will ultimately get him an opportunity to go for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Storm continues on about being “the man” compared to most of the people backstage, until Eli Drake interrupts the self promoting rant. Drake stated that becoming the NWA National Champion is a big deal, followed by saying if Storm wins the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Drake wanted a title shot.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Eddie Kingston & Homicide vs. The Wildcards (Royce Isaacs & Thomas Latimer)

The match starts off with Latimer and Kingston. Isaacs tags in trying for a Vertical Suplex, Kingston counters and tags in Homicide. All four men are in the ring for a short time. Homicide tags in Kingston who begins attacking both Isaacs and Latimer. Latimer attempts a cover on Homicide to no avail. Isaacs tags back in for a quick body slam and 2 count. Latimer tags back in. Homicide tries to fight his way out of the corner. Isaacs gets to the top rope, Homicide knocks him down and makes his way to Kingston. Kingston puts both Isaacs and Latimer down. The Dawson Brothers make their way to the ring and begin attacking Kingston and Homicide.

Winner: No Contest

After the Match

The Dawsons continue relentlessly attacking Eddie Kingston and Homicide then they also turn their attention towards The Wildcards members, throwing them out of the ring. The Dawsons once again turn their attention on Kingston and Homicide.

Ringside Interview

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and Kamille are interviewed by Joe Galli. Aldis, holding his championship belt, speaks about last week’s title defense against Tim Storm. Galli asks who Aldis keeps Kamille as an insurance policy. Aldis talks around the question, but said he needed to even out the odds. Each time Galli attempts to speak to Kamille, Aldis gives his own answer or comment. Kamille just stares off into the distance, choosing not to speak. Galli attempts to ask Kamille one final question, once again Kamille chooses not to answer as Aldis leads her away from the interview area.


Credits roll as Dokken’s “Into the Fire” plays.

Watch “NWA POWERRR (Ep. 2): CLICKBAIT” in its’ entirety right here at Rajah.com courtesy of the official NWA YouTube channel below.

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