Neymar 'one of the best to ever play the game' says NXGN star Elliott

Liverpool winger Harvey Elliott has praised Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar as one of the best players in football history.

The 18-year-old, who came in , says the Brazil star is one of his idols.

Elliott has been learning more about the 30-year-old since watching the documentary Neymar: The Perfect Chaos.

What has been said?

Asked on the Youtube channel if Neymar was his idol, Elliott said: “That is very true, yeah. I’ve been watching his documentary recently and to see the background he has come from, and how he has got to where he has today is very inspirational. 

“I personally think he’s a great player and one of the best to ever play the game.”

Elliott on Klopp’s bear hugs

As one of his side’s most promising young players, Elliott has regularly been embraced by coach Jurgen Klopp.

The winger was asked if the manager’s bear hugs hurt, to which he replied: “No, no! The warmth that he brings – it’s a joke.

“He is [a father figure]. You see it a lot, how he is with players, his players, his staff and how he interacts with the fans. 

“He’s the best possible man for the job, I can say, and the best possible person to be learning off.”

Elliott missed almost four months of action this month after dislocating his ankle in September, which Klopp described as one of the worst injuries he has seen.

“That’s down to him, really,” Harvey said when asked about the German’s comments.

“I’m sure he’s seen horrible injuries and injuries in the past that have played on his mind. It’s not nice for anyone to be injured.

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“I tried to give positivity to the team and especially to him. It’s nice to see how he feels, at the same time I don’t like people feeling that way towards me and feeling upset.

“It does give me a boost to show how he cares about me and how he thinks and feels about me.”

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