News on how Dana Warrior got WWE Creative Gig

Last week, we reported that Dana Warrior has joined the WWE creative team, with her new job officially beginning at last Monday’s RAW. She sat in on a production meeting and shadowed writers. She was reportedly hired for the job to give the shows a woman’s perspective. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Warrior asked for the job herself.
He said: “The basic gist of Dana Warrior is she was looking for a job — she asked Vince McMahon for a job and Vince goes, ‘What would you like, a full-time position? What would you like to do?’ She said she’d like to work in creative. She said she could offer a female point of view — there are other women on the writing team.”
She is expected to be backstage this week as well. She is reportedly being trained with the intention of working full-time. She is said to be closer to being an intern without actually having that title.Click Here: Borussia Dortmund soccer tracksuit