Nash Discusses His Future With WWE & Staring Down Big Show, Takes Shot At TNA

Kevin Nash, billed as Diesel, made his first appearance in WWE in over seven years last night at the Royal Rumble, taking part in the 40-Man Royal Rumble Match. He entered the match as number thirty-two and was eliminated just over three minutes later by Wade Barrett.

On Twitter, Nash dubbed the return the best of night of his career in wrestling. He offered additional comments to as Joey Styles caught up with him following his performance.

Taking an apparent shot at his former employer, Nash joked that “it’s nice to be in a building with people.”

“When you get in this business, you strive to get to WWE, and when it’s time to hang up your boots, you definitely want to end up a Yankee,” Nash added. “So, if this was my last one, I couldn’t be happier.”

He was then asked if he expects his Rumble appearance to be his last appearance in the ring.

“I hope not. I know Randy Orton, he’s got pull around here,” Nash chuckled. “I’d stay as long as they’ll have me, or as long as my body will hold on.”

He also addressed his stare down with Big Show following his elimination from the Rumble match, saying, “A lot of history there, either together or on the opposite side of the ring.

“I’ve probably had 200 matches with Big Show in my life. He’s still probably the most impressive physical specimen I’ve been in the ring with – by far the strongest, still the measuring stick. I’d like to give him another run for his money.”

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