More on Brian Christopher's Tragic Death & Jerry Lawler's Attempts to Help Him

— With Brian Christopher’s death, a lot of people have wondered what his relationship with his father Jerry “The King” Lawler was like and why Lawler didn’t bail his son out of jail in the weeks leading to his suicide. Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio notes that Lawler was trying to set up Christopher to get help in rehab to overcome his substance abuse issues but it never started because no one knew how long Brian would be in jail for. If he was able to stay clean for a year, reports suggest that Lawler would have pushed for him to get a job with WWE, perhaps as a trainer at the Performance Center.

— Lawler had already been “doing stuff to get him out of things” and felt that this time he wouldn’t get him out by posting the $40,000 bail required because he felt that Christopher needed to learn from his mistakes. Meltzer also revealed that Christopher struggled with drug problems for many years which is what ultimately held him back and attempted suicide before about three or four years ago.