More Backstage WWE News, Benoit's Video Game Status, Signs Confiscated

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— At Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings in Laredo, Texas, most, if not all of the people backstage, very much had the “Us vs. Them” mentality regarding all the stuff going on in the media concerning WWE these days. A lot of people backstage were also talking about the Benoit toxicology report. Vince McMahon was said to be very pleased that no illegal drugs came up in the toxicology report, but he didn’t make a big deal about it. On the otherhand, television producer Kevin Dunn couldn’t conceal his glee. Two hours later, Vince received the bad Raw ratings news and was furious to say the least. Vince isn’t necessarily blaming the low ratings on the Benoit fallout, but rather, the writing. It was the first time anyone saw Vince blame Raw writer Brian Gewirtz, as he went off on him. Stephanie McMahon intervened and the situation was diffused immediately.

— The latest WWE video game was almost complete when it was ordered to extract Chris Benoit from it. There were a lot of problems in this because they can’t just so easily delete him from the game, especially considering that game so far in the process. Nonetheless, the feeling was that it would be a p.r. disaster if they released the game with Benoit as one of the star characters. The video game’s team pretty much had no choice but to remove Benoit from the game.

— At the 7/10 SmackDown/ECW taping in New Orleans, a number of signs were confiscated. Particularly ones reading stuff along the lines of “RIP Woman”, “RIP Chris Benoit” and even “RIP Sherri Martel.” They even confiscated a sign that read “We paid to see Flair.” Flair wasn’t at the show due to an ear injury.

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