Moose Talks Re-Signing With ROH, His Football Days & More

The following are highlights of a new Chad Dukes Wrestling Show interview with ROH’s Moose:

On re-signing with ROH: “Ring of Honor gave me my very first chance. They helped create the brand ‘Moose.’ So I mean it was an easy decision, they told me that they were going to stick by me with whatever decision I made and I just felt like I’m a real loyal guy, so they helped me get get me to where I’m at now so I’m going to return the favor.”

On the pressures of living up to prior former football playing wrestlers and cutting ties with football: “There’s the goods and there’s the bads. You’ve got Goldberg, Wahoo [McDaniel], Ernie Ladd, greats. So there was the pressure of can I be as good as those guys and then you have some of the guys who wasn’t so good that came in from the football world. There was also the pressure of, “Man what if I suck as bad as those guys.” So I mean it’s big pressure, the best thing to do is just work my ass off, work as hard as I can, so that I can be up there with the Wahoos, the Ernie Ladds and the Goldbergs and other guys.”

“When I left football I decided I want to leave that behind me. I don’t want to have any teases about going back even though I knew there wasn’t going to be one but I didn’t want to have that maybe so I shut the door completely. I don’t follow it, which sucks because I have a lot of friends in the football world and I don’t get the watch their stuff because I’m scared of my watch it and go, “Oh man I miss football I want to go back and play.” So I kind of like shut the door.”

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