Mixed Match Challenge Results (12/04): The Playoffs Continues

Tonight’s Mixed Match Challenge Pre-Show opens up with Vic Joseph & Kayla Braxton welcoming us to the show. They start off by recapping last week’s matches. They then preview and discuss tonight’s matches and inform us that tonight’s episode of Mixed Match Challenge is the continuation of The Mixed Match Challenge Playoffs. The Pre-Show comes to a close.
Main Show:

Tonight’s episode of Mixed Match Challenge opens up with Michael Cole, Renee Young & Vic Joseph welcoming us to the show. They then remind us that tonight’s episode is the continuation of The Mixed Match Challenge Playoffs. We head right to the ring for the first match of the night and it is Jeff Hardy & Charlotte Flair vs. The Fabulous Truth.
Jeff Hardy & Charlotte Flair vs. The Fabulous Truth (R-Truth & Carmella): Hardy and Truth get things rolling with both wrestlers trading wrist-locks. Truth and Hardy then trade some dance moves. Carmella tags herself in, so in comes Charlotte. Carmella tries for a kick, but Charlotte catches it, spins her around for a chop and Carmella screams in horror. Charlotte gives her a few seconds and then lights her up. Carmella fires back with a spinning hurricanrana and follows it up with a moonwalk. Charlotte tries for the figure-eight and Carmella heads out to the floor. Jeff and Charlotte try for stereo baseball slides, but both Truth and Carmella heads back into the ring and start up a dance break. Charlotte jumps back in and hammers Carmella from behind. Charlotte then taunts Truth with a dance of her own as Carmella tries to attack her. It doesn’t work out so well as Charlotte drops Carmella immediately. Backstage, Naomi & Jimmy Uso are getting pumped up for their match for later on tonight. Charlotte flips Carmella around by her legs a bit. Kip-up by The Queen as she heads up to the top rope. Carmella tries to stop her and ends up flipping Charlotte off the top rope. Truth is tagged in and he nails Hardy with a couple of clotheslines followed by a dropkick, a splash in the corner and an ax kick. R-Truth goes for a cover, but Charlotte yanks Truth off of Hardy. Carmella jumps in, but gets popped and sent out to the floor. Hardy drops Truth and heads to the top, but Carmella screams as she runs over and covers Truth. Charlotte yanks her off to the floor. Hardy tries for a swanton bomb, but nobody is home. Truth with the cover and that will do it. Winners: The Fabulous Truth (R-Truth & Carmella)
We head backstage where Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox says that it will be too sweet when they beat Finn Balor & Bayley next week and go on to a paid vacation. Finn Balor & Bayley then says that they will beat Mahal & Fox just like they did the first time around.
We head to another area backstage where Kayla Braxton talks to R-Truth & Carmella about their victory. Carmella says that they are super excited and one step closer to the vacation and The 30th spot. Truth says that they are going to Memphis. Memphis, Egypt. Carmella is confused but keeps the good vibes going. Jimmy Uso walks by and says that he is about to show The Miz & Asuka what it’s like being in The Uso Penitentiary. R- Truth gets confused and says that he didn’t know Carmella was in the penitentiary.

Awe-Ska (The Miz & Asuka) vs. Day One Glow (Jimmy Uso & Naomi): Naomi and Asuka get things started with Naomi getting taken down, but doing a kip-up to get out of Asuka’s submissions. Asuka dodges the rear view and tries for a suplex, but Naomi fights out of it. Naomi tries for an enziguri, but Asuka avoids it and gets a single-leg dropkick to the face. The Miz is asking Asuka what she’s doing. Naomi and Asuka shake hands. “Don’t you dare shake her hand!” Miz yells. Asuka then hits a dropkick and tags The Miz in. Miz with some taunting as he locks up with Jimmy. Miz with a shoulder block. Jimmy hits a couple of hip tosses. Jimmy tries for a splash and gets kicked in the face. Jimmy recovers and hits a few clotheslines on The Miz. Jimmy then hits a samoan drop on The Miz. Jimmy heads up to the top rope. The Miz trips him up and gets a reverse chin-lock. The Miz with a DDT on Jimmy Uso, then goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Asuka starts yelling at Miz, “I got this!” Miz yells. Asuka and The Miz seems to be having some arguments tonight. The Miz reminds Asuka that she was the reason they lost the last time. Jimmy hits an enziguri and finally tags in Naomi. Naomi with a flying clothesline followed by a flying back elbow, a hurricanrana, then tries for a splash in the corner, but nobody is home. Asuka tries for a hip attack, but Naomi gets her knees up. Naomi with a couple of covers, but doesn’t get the three. Asuka lands a jumping knee. Disaster kick by Naomi, then goes for a cover, but The Miz pulls her away. Jimmy runs in and tosses The Miz to the floor, then hits a baseball slide. Jimmy on the apron. Asuka with a hip attack to get rid of Jimmy. Naomi with a rear view, then goes for a cover, but Asuka counters and gets a two count. Asuka locks in The Asuka Lock on Naomi and she is forced to tap out. Winners: Awe-Ska (The Miz & Asuka)
After the match, The Miz celebrates big time, but Asuka is like “I won the match!”
We are informed that next week it will be Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox vs. Finn Balor & Bayley, also R-Truth & Carmella vs. The Miz & Asuka in The Mixed Match Challenge Semi-Finals.

Mixed Match Challenge ends with The Miz & Asuka going back-and-forth over cheering and The Miz trying to convince her that they are a team.

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