Mick Foley On Kevin Owens' Reaction To ESPN Reporter Joking About His Son

As noted, ESPN personality Amin Elhassan was the talk of the town in the wrestling world last week after making fun of a video of Kevin Owens’ son’s emotional reaction to seeing his father winning the WWE Universal Championship on RAW last week.

Elhassan tried making a joke about Owens’ son not being as excited once he found out that his father’s title victory was “scripted,” a joke that prompted a ton of reaction from wrestling stars and fans on social media.

WWE Hall Of Famer and RAW General Manager Mick Foley took to social media to comment on the matter on Monday, where he actually revealed the reaction that Owens had to the controversy.

“What might the future hold for new WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens? Man, I was upset about that ESPN guy making Kevin’s son part of an ill-conceived, poorly received joke last week,” wrote Foley on his official Facebook page.

“I was worried that the uproar might ruin that incredible moment for Kevin, but was told that seeing the support from his colleagues in the wake of the uproar only made the victory more meaningful for him,” Foley said of Owens’ reaction. “Pretty awesome, right?”

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