Mick Foley Blog: Being Called A Corporate Sell-Out, Chyna

Over the weekend, Mick Foley posted an update on Facebook about meeting with Chyna and how someone called him a corporate sell-out on Twitter with regards to the WWE recently.

Mick spoke about the documentary film that Chyna is part of and how he hopes that will help her move on from everything that’s gone on in the past.

The Hardcore Legend wrote:

I had to laugh when I was accused on social media a few days ago of becoming a corporate sell-out for WWE – I guess because I compliment them and their product quite a bit. But, as I mentioned to my wife, corporate sell-outs don’t tend to invite Chyna over to hang out with their family and watch WWE PPV’s. But seeing Chyna recently brought back a flood of great memories – of not only how good a friend she was to me, but how incredibly kind she was to my daughter so many years ago – taking her by the hand, doing her make-up, treating her to that dorky, nerdy humor, and that amazing laugh. Most of you reading this probably have either forgotten that amazing laugh…or never knew it existed in the first place.

Now she’s part of a documentary film, “The Reconstruction of Chyna”, which I hope will help her find peace, and closure – and maybe even her rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame. To learn more about her documentary, and how you can contribute to her kickstarter campaign, just go to http://therealchyna.com
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some corporate selling-out to get back to.

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