Metz manager Frédéric Antonetti on pitchside fight: “I’m 60 years old.”

Speaking in his post-match press conference after yesterday’s 0-0 draw against Lille, Metz manager Frédéric Antonetti notably discussed his red card after a fight with the opposing team’s Sporting Coordinator Sylvain Armand at the end of the game.

His words transcribed in L’Équipe, the coach sought to justify his actions, and lamented that the French footballing world did not like men with “temperament” like him.

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“Do you think that the president of Lille and the Sporting Coordinator should be two metres away from me in my area to put pressure on the fourth official.”

“I’m 60 years old, I don’t want anyone to be disrespecting me. I know how it goes, I’m a good sport but in the end I am right. If they hadn’t come up would there have been the incident? When I’m assaulted I respond to it. I took a red card but I won’t let myself get pushed around on the pitch.”