Maverick Urine Spot Possibly Didn't Go as Planned; Enzo Amore/WWE

— The Drake Maverick urine angle at Survivor Series was based on sort of “gimmick” (presumably holding fake urine under his outfit) as Maverick could be seen adjusting it before the spot. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has an unconfirmed story that states that the urine gimmick did not work as planned and that Maverick ended up having to really piss on himself to make the angle work.

— While Enzo Amore’s antics at Survivor Series likely lessened his chances of ever returning to the company, the Observer notes that at the end of the day someone like him who has plenty of charisma will always have a chance to come back no matter what has happened and in fact, other talent has returned to WWE having done far worse. They also add that while some wrestlers were upset, most people got over it and chalked it up to Enzo simply looking for attention.

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