Matt Riddle releases video denying sexual assault and abuse allegations

WWE SmackDown roster member Matt Riddle released a video Wednesday strongly denying any sexual abuse and assault on Candy Cartwright, saying the female wrestler is using the #SpeakingOut movement to get back at him for ending their affair.

In the video seen below, Riddle admitted to cheating on his wife and having an affair with Cartwright (who he called her real name of Samantha Tavel), but that the allegations are “a complete lie, fabricated story.” 

He said he was getting sad and depressed during the affair because he was lying to both his wife and his friends and that he eventually told his wife about it. He then blocked Cartwright on social media and changed his phone only for her to allegedly keep finding ways to contact him through other social media accounts and finding his new number.

He also claimed she would show up to hotels and harass his friends as to his whereabouts and that when she didn’t get her way when he wanted to end their relationship, she used the #SpeakingOut movement to ruin his career.

“I never sexually abused or assaulted anyone,” he said.

Nearly a month ago, Cartwright accused Riddle of propositioning her for sex on a van ride with other wrestlers, saying he grabbed her throat and questioned why he shouldn’t make her do it. She admitted to eventually giving him oral sex to alleviate the situation. Riddle denied the claims in a statement through his lawyer on the same day, claiming that in 2019, they were drafting “a pleading against this performer to seek an injunction for cyberstalking in the Circuit Court for Orange County, Florida.”

As of this writing, Cartwright hasn’t responded to the video.